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Valasska Rally 2015: feeling optimistic after Czech competition

C-Rally Academy has started the preparations for the incoming rally season. The crews supported by the Academytook a part in the Valasska Rally, the first round of Czech Rally SprintSeries. After five stages Filip Nivette and Kamil Heller were classified on 6-th position overall, while Tomasz Kasperczyk and Damian Syty completed the rally on 9-th position. Both crews have started on Ford Fiesta R5.

Valasska Rally is a kind of the rally sprint what means it is very compact and short. However, the edition 2015 had been practically even shorter than usual. Instead of 70 kilometers and 6 special stages,the crews competed only on 4 stages (47 km).
- The rally was actually very short - admits Krzysztof Oborský, manager of the C-Rally Academy. - Although during testings we are able to drive significantly more kilometers, it is the rally that can verify many previously collected data. Thus the weekend can be considered as very fruitful experience. Our crews showed good pace which, in the context of the upcoming inauguration of the Polish Rally Championship, it gives hope for the valuable results  Świdnicki-Krause rally. So surely we will come to Swidnica well prepared.

After four special stages played Philip Nivette and Kamil Heller occupied 6th place in the general classification. Tomasz Kasperczyk finished on 9-th position.

- Valasska Rally is like the first stage of the Rally Świdnicki-Krause - Jacek Pieta, chief engineer of the Academy. - Stages in Moravia are very similar to those around Swidnica. There are a lot of extensive "highways" but also a plenty of narrow, winding and bumpy fragments. It was a short but an intensive day. The weather was good, there were plenty of fans. We enjoyed the performance of our crews.  Fighting in the Czech Republic is a foretaste of what awaits us in Poland, where you can also expect a fierce rivalry.

The first round of this year's Polish Rally Championship is Świdnicki-Krause Rally, scheduled on 25 and 26 April. The most important changes in the regulations in season 2015 have brought significantly shorter races (the length of the special stages approximately 130 km) and the introduction of the scoring section (Power Stage). How it works in practice we will check in less than two weeks.




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